Antique Computer Collectors List. If you need to dispose of a computer, contact someone from this list.

This is a list of computer collectors from all over the world. If you have a computer that you want to get rid of, contact a collector near you. I should mention that some of these collectors are both mobile and also willing to bring in computers from all over the United States and Canada. If the collector near you isn't interested in your computer, contact any or all of the people listed here. Alternatively, if you live near someone here, and if you collect computers yourself, why not get together and compare notes ... or ROMs. Then make sure you send us your information and we can post it here. Let's make this site a meeting place for computer collectors everywhere. Pop back now and then to see what's changed!

Note to collectors who used to be on this list: If you haven't supplied a current and permanent email, you have been deleted from this list. If I can't contact you then it follows that donors can't contact you either which defeats the purpose of the list. Cheers.


Christian Fandt Jamestown, NY USA 14701
commercial or business computers(both HW/SW &documentation),DEC,HP,IBM,DG(same), Home Type Computers(same), Heath, early IBM compatibles Industrial Computers (same) VMEbus, STDbus, Multibus, G64, PLC's, HP9000-series,etc. History of Computing
Charles E. Fox

Chas. E. Fox Video Productions, 793 Argyle Rd., Windsor, Ontario CANADA N8Y 3J8


Brian Mahoney

Toronto (Scarborough) Ontario

home computing: portables, Apple clones, Hyperions, Cocos etc. Old computer mags, books and manuals.
John G. Zabolitzky 81479 Munich GERMANY
mainframes, and any computing equipment NOT containing microprocessors.

Zachary N. Snipe Austin, TX 78705 USA
Description: I collect early home-computers such as Apples, TRS-80s,
PS/2s, etc but anything related to older computers will probably catch
my interest.
Glen Goodwin Orlando, Florida USA
Interests: 8-bit computers, including Sinclair, Timex Sinclair, Kaypro,
Emanuel Stiebler

Evergreen (Near Denver)Colorado USA Phone: (office) 303-674-3777
Computers of interest: mostly DEC, pdp11 (q-bus), vaxen, Decstation & DecSystems, i860, transputer, bit slice Transport and storage capabilities: small :-((
Earl Baugh
115 Hydrangea Court
Alpharetta GA 30005

Interested in Sun Workstation, esp. early ones. Also collect Mac and Apple and other unique machines.
I'm a member (currently Secretary) of the Atlanta Historical Computing Society (AHCS)  I can help find a home for
most anything.  The AHCS puts on the Vintage Computer Festival SE (VCF-SE) each year.
Sellam Ismail Bay Area, California USA

Items of interest: currently focusing on computing artifacts from the 60s and backwards; general interest in any and all vintage computer items. Here is a link to Sellam's Vintage Computer Festival. Well worth checking out :

Uncle Roger

25 Paloma Avenue San Francisco, CA 94127-2607 USA 1-415-469-7924(V) 1-415-452-1375 (F) 1-415-201-0273 (P) Classic Computers) Interests: Interests: Portable computers

Mark Tapley 8718 Drayton Heights San Antonio Texas 78254
systems: Mac Plus, Rainbow 100A, NeXT Cube.
Paul Kondig Frederick Maryland U.S.A.
early Hobbyist computers from the 70's and Early 80's
Bill Sudbrink Washington,D.C. USA
I collect 8bit micros from the 1970s and early 1980s. Especially Ohio Scientific. Interested in OSI software/documentation/marketing literature as well as hardware.
Peter Knoll Waterloo, Ontario
Anything computer related such as early Minis or Micros, as well as manuals and software around 1975-1985, especially IBM. Have lots of IBM stuff to trade."
Jim Bazini 65534 US Hwy 31 Lakeville, IN 46536 USA phone: 219-784-3548 email: website:
I am interested in Z-80 / 8080 units (using CP/M, MP/M or TurboDOS) and older portables (especially the Kaypros, and the IBM Portable PC - Model 5155). I also own many Apple IIe systems and I have spare parts for the Apple IIe and IBM PC, PC-XT and Portable PC. I'm always willing to horse-trade for interesting pieces.
Ben Huntsman Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Interests: IBM Mainframe gear: System/360-System z and related perepherials; DEC/Compaq/HP: VAX and Alpha gear

Mike Kenzie
Ottawa Ontario Canada

I collect a variety of machines. Looking for different Architectures, Operating systems and designs. Also a focus on Apple clones and machines manufactured in Ottawa.

John Keys

15827 Thistledew Drive

Houston, TX 77082

I collect anything computer related, machines, articles,
manuals, mousepads, etc.

Ethan Dicks
Columbus, OH 43202
Columbus, OH 43202
Interested mainly in DEC hardware (12 bits and up) and 1970s micros, especially 6502 machines from single-boards on up to the Ohio Scientific C3. PETs of all flavors welcome.
Erik S. Klein San Francisco Bay Area

Interested in pretty much anything microcomputer related
(including hardware, software, documentation, manuals, magazines,newsletters, etc.) from before 1985 or so.I'm especially interested in S-100 and CP/M systems.

David Gesswein
Bethesda MD USA 20817

Collect DEC PDP-8 computers, peripherals, documentation, software and other related materials. Would like to collect PDP-5 PDP-12 Link-8. Also have some PDP-9 and PDP-15 material.

Steve Thatcher 305 Walnut Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
I have been involved from day one back in the 70s. I am especially interested in Intel ISIS machines such as the MDS 225/230. I actually was running ISIS on a Northstar machine back then and I am trying to resurrect all the data that I have on 8" floppies which I kept all these years. I have a few Northstar systems, Heathkit H88/89 systems, TDL Dual 8" floppy system, a few custom
systems, a bunch of Cromenco hardware, and a mostly working MDS 225 at the moment and a growing collection of documentation on S100 cards. I live in the Fredericksburg, VA area.
William Maddox Cupertino, California
Minicomputers, generally pre-1980, especially those with a full "blinkenlights"
front panel. Particularly looking for PDP-8, early-model PDP-11, DG Nova, and
lesser-known/defunct brands, also early microcomputers that were sold into the
traditional "professional" minicomputer market.
Timothy P. Radde Philadelphia area (anything within 4-5 hours is fine.)
I am interested in anything DEC from the early
70's to early to mid 80s. Mostly pdp-8, but some 11 stuff too (mostly something with a full front panel).

Lee Courtney

2124 Ashton Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 704-3934
Collect and use PDP-11, VAX, HP1000 and HP3000 related peripherals (tape,disk, terminals, printers), software, documentation, and ephemera.Especially interested in *any* material relating to the APL programming language: docs, software (especially pre-1980 mainframe or minicomputer APL), or hardware (especially terminals with APL character set). Seeking APLfor VAX/VMS and HP3000 MPE. Also looking for any and all material (again hardware, software, docs, ephemera) relating to the Scientific Data Systems/Xerox Data Systems (SDS/XDS) Sigma and earlier series of computers. I'm in Menlo Park California, but have collected and shipped mainframe and minicomputer systems across the US and Canada."
Alberto Rubinelli A2 SISTEMI
Via Costantino Perazzi 22 Tel 0321 640149
I collect expecially HP items, series 1000 and 3000, IBM system /3x and Olivetti machines.
Jay West St. Louis, MO 63146
Main Area of Interest: HP2000 (TSB), HP1000, HP21MX, DEC PDP-8, PDP-11, and Data General Nova/Eclipse. Probably interested in any "mainstream brand" MINI's from late 60's to early 80's. I generally stay away from micros,
except would love to find an Altair, IMSAI8080, or SWTP. Willing to help other collectors move/transport or store.
Bob Brown Winfield, Il (Chicago Suburbs)
(to follow)
Brian Stuart
Memphis, TN USA
Mostly workstations, minis and early micros and related
documentation and software.
Arlen Michaels
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Special interests: micros from the 70's and early 80's, especially cp/m and S-100 systems, evaluation boards and engineering tools, and systems originating in Canada.

Phil Guerney Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
I collect and restore small home computers up to 1985, the smaller the better! I like to include disk systems and all accessories except printers (but even those when brand and style match the computer) especially for the under-powered home machines. Software and hardware that attempted to make such systems useable in business and scientific applications is especially fascinating. About 100 systems in the collection so far, which means that much common stuff is accounted for. But I am particularly after the KIM-1 and the Exidy Sorcerer. If you want your system to go to a good home, to be restored and kept well for the future, please contact me.
Gerold Pauler Tel.: +49 30 75 70 42 78
Katharinenstr. 7 Mobil: +49 173 23 49 440
10711 Berlin,
Germany (German) (English)

Mainly DEC pdp8 (and Data General Nova).

Bruce Ray Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc.
Box 3581
Boulder, Colorado 80307-3581
voice: 303.466.7717
fax: 303.465.5780

I focus on the Data General 16-bit and 32-bit legacy minicomputers but also have a few PDP-8s, '11s and other vendor hardware for nostalgic reasons.The main company web site:

The legacy preservation site is at

Peter Tremewen
P.O. Box 666 Heathmont Victoria, Australia
Personal computers (not IBMs), especially VZ200VZ300 and Apple II.I am interested in Personal Non-IBM computers of all sorts particularly unique or unusual hardware, working or not. Likewise I am after "Pre-personal" computers from before systems where commonly available. CPU trainers that were sold as "Kits" such as the Educ- 8 and the Dream 6800 and the like to show people programming and train on how systems worked and as intro to programming. If you need a good home for any system, let me know and I'll at least be able to store them until a better home is found. Software and especially books and documentation are not essential but certainly desirable.
Gary Klingebiel PO Box 592174
Orlando, FL 32859

Web Site:

I am looking to rescue the equipment that I use to operate and maintain.I will try to provide your equipment a good home, where it will be restored and kept operational for the future. My goal is to have several complete systems that are fully functional with spars and documentation to keep them that way. To that end I am looking for Heath / Zenith, DEC PDP-11 & LSI-11, Westinghouse 2500, IBM 129 Keypunch, High speed card readers and punches, Dataproducts drum and band printers, Paper tape devices, 1/2" mag tape drives, documentation, supplies, etc.

Tim Lindner San Francisco, Bay Area
Tandy/TRS-80 Color Computer and Mattell Intellivision
Rich Cini Syosset, NY 11791
Interests: Early S-100 microcomputers (with a particular focus on the Altair and IMSAI 8080 machines, among others), single-board computers (with a particular focus on the KIM-1 and AIM-65 SBCs), Tandy Model 100/102 stuff, and 6502-based machines from Commodore and Apple, and all related documentation for all of the above.
Gavin Nicol Rhode Island, USA
I am most interested in NeXT and Symbolics machines (primarily later Symbolics machines).
Wai-Sun Chia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Interests:I collect DEC minicomputers systems; PDP-8 and PDP-11, preferably with a full frontpanel console with lights. Documentation, manual, and parts are welcome. Very interested in the peripherals and controllers that go with /8 and /11 systems; 3rd party gear is welcome (e.g. diskpacks, cartridges, tape readers/punchers, etc.)Non-interests:
I am not interested in anything to do with Intel, PeeCees, 8-bit computers.
John Dundas Pasadena, CA, USA
Interests: DEC PDP-11 and VAX, Unibus and Qbus computers and components, software, and documentation, as well as HP calculators and their accessories. See: <>.
Dennis Boone East Lansing, MI, USA
Primary interests: Minicomputers, especially Prime and DEC gear, and workstations. Also S-100 and CP/M systems, Osbornes.
Gary Flandro
University of Tennessee, UTSI
411 B. H. Goethert Parkway
Tullahoma, TN 37388
I am interested in acquiring components (monitors, cpu, peripherals, memory cards, etc.) for the HP 9000 32-bit desktop computer series 500 introduced in the mid 1980s.
Jim Battle Austin, TX 78737 USA

I aim to do a thorough job documenting particular machines rather than amassing everything I can. Software and documentation are often more important than the machine itself. In particular:
Sol-20 (
Wang 2200 (
Compucolor (work in progress)

In general:
old 8-bit micros, especially 8080/Z80

Scott L Baker

Portland, OR 97229

Interested in older micros and all minicomputers especially PDP8 and Data General Novas
Douglas A. Gwyn Columbia, MD US 21045
Especially need CDC 1700 (System 17, Cyber 18) software.
Also want AT&T/Teletype 630 or 730 MTG terminals.
Can use miscellaneous PDP-11 related equipment and software.

Lou O'Quin Gilbert (Phoenix 'burb), Arizona, USA
interested in Z80/8080 CP/M machines, especially Lobo Max-80 & Osborne
Bob Rosenbloom
Santa Cruz, CA

Interest: IBM 1130, 1620, 1710, 1800, System/7, Series/1
Data General, Nicolet, Varian, HP, and other minicomputers
used for industrial control.
Microcomputers with front panels.

Website :

Andy Piercy
4 Fairmile, Fleet, Hants, GU52 7UR, England
Interests: Software, Hardware, Documentation, Sales / advertising
literature for: Masscomp Unix Multibus systems, Tangerine Microtan 6502, Z80 cp/m systems in general
Chris Moore Miami Flordia 33186

I collect Apple II, Apple II+, Apple IIc, Apple IIGS computers, Circuit cards for Apple II Computers, documentation, Apple II SOFTWARE GAMES, and related hardware.
Jeff M. May
Palm Coast, Florida

I am a vintage Computer and Video Game System Collector in North Florida. I am looking to start a Museum in Downtown St. Augustine Florida, If you have any Vintage Computers or Vintage Video game system or games that you think would be a valuable addition to a museum of history or just have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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